To celebrate creativity—a building block for Viennese coffeehouse culture— Every year Julius Meinl invites people to write in exchange for a free cup of coffee on World Poetry Day.


This year the brand decided to share their tradition overseas with the city of Miami. Moreover, they wanted to amplify the experience by creating a song with JP Cooper, using the best poems' submissions. 

However, as much as US people like coffee and appreciate well-written words, the majority lacks the confidence to write it themselves. In fact, "writing has become so scarce today that some people even develop phobias for writing."-BIC


Instagram provides us with captions as another space to express ourselves other than just through photos. Most of these captions are not original, as people tend to copy others’ writings— especially famous quotes.


Julius Meinl gives people the right dose of confidence to start experimenting with their captions, by showing them how non-professional writers have written awesome stuff too.

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