'17 | Global Warming Campaign for Greenpeace


There are people that say that global warming is not a threat. Moreover, there are jerks who know that is a threat, but they simply don't do anything about it.


Some facts: Nasa-Climate Change: Vital Signs of The Planet.


Jerks' concern about the global warming effects should be as strong as their concern for the "Saturated Fats," "Sugar," and "Sodium" shown on the back labels of their food package. 


Enough with the warm water cloths! we need #JerksWhoHelp. That's why we decided to create a multi-touchpoint campaign and adapted a "Nutritional Facts" table to communicate the environmental impact and global warming effects of some of their daily mundane activities. 

The Jerks Tribe

Target Audience

20-35 y.o.

HH Income $45K - $85K aprox.

College Educated

Digital Natives

Committed to the content generation and content consumption of social media.


Trend Seekers

Eating healthy, worrying about social causes, and defying any authority who goes against the common good. 


Talk the Talk but doesn't Walk the Walk

Even though they have a strong will to change the world they rarely do something.

Copywriter Cristina Marquez Art Directors Natalia Bertok, Adriana Dickerson & Rossana Ulloa
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