Lucky Lager

'18 | Awareness Campaign for Frontier Craft Lager


Breweries in the UK rose 18% in 2016 to 2,000 companies. 

Source: CAMRA

According to Fuller, British Lager drinkers want to know that the brand they're drinking is a popular choice. So, how can we make Frontier famous in the cluttered and noisy world of lager brands?


English loves going to pubs to drink beer and watch football. Sadly—unlike their clubs—their national team has struggled for decades as no team has lost more penalty shootouts at World Cups and International Tournaments than the UK. Football experts give different technical reasons, but for some is just bad luck.

Luckily, when it comes to luck, people like to believe that they have the power to change it.


Bring the luck back to England with Frontier by creating a pub ritual for football fans to unify all their positive energy & wishes for their team


UK males who have pride on their National team and they would go above and beyond for it. With the goddess of luck always smiling on the opposing side, some of them have taken matters into their own hands by creating their own superstition rituals.


Cheers For Luck Chant
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