'18 | Repositioning Campaign for Wrigley Company


Wrigley is the largest chewing gum company in the world. However, they are losing their younger audience (Gen Z's) to similar categories—like mints—that provide an emotional connection beyond the product itself.


According to scientists, today's foods are coming out processed, soft, and sugary, preventing us from chewing in the right way and causing us to experience higher rates of crooked teeth, cavities, and overbites.


We have The World of Coca Cola, The Museum of Ice Cream, The Color Factory, and a countless amount of pop-ups. Why not create an interactive experience to connect with people and remind them about the importance of chewing and the benefits of doing so with Wrigley.

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Account Planner David Wonsik | Copywriter Christian Harkna | Art Directors Elena Real & Rossana Ulloa

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