Build Your Own Road

May 2017 | Launching Campaign for Alfa Romeo Stelvio


Seek for an emotional connection between the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio and potential consumers in order to generate awareness of the brand and drive possible sales.


Life has ups and downs, curves and shortcuts, Life is like the Stelvio Pass. 


Encourage people to build a road on their own terms, just like Alfa Romeo Stelvio does it.

Liz & Anthony

Consumer Persona

40ish | $150k household income | No kids | College educated.


They Value Time

Dialed into life’s moments, not consumed by them.


Access Is Their Passion

Not acquisition, premium redeemed.  

 They Find Tension in Conformity 

More than one way to define success.


Their Life Is An Entertaining Story
TVC NºI Storyboard
TVC NºII Storyboard

Celebrity | Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Printed & Digital Magazines
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Copywriter David Núñez-Ariza | Art Director Rossana Ulloa

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